Many Words At Once Written

Welcome to the second issue of our school Emagazine!

In this issue of our emagazine we present the review of film “Look who’s back” presenting the return of Adolf Hitler and short description of Landfall Games company. Additionally, in our music section you can learn something more about Nathan Sykes – former member of The Wanted and Donald Glover also known as Childish Gambino. We also ask the question concerning who people in Poland vote for and present the greatest comebacks in the history of football.

Please enjoy the second issue and come back next month!

K. Bugno

Jokes 2 Hard 2 Find

Try to find any funny jokes without nudity, rasism, alcohol, drugs, vulgarisms or violence and then make fun of how lame are these jokes. There aren’t many short and funny jokes without these :P
editor: Kacper

Movies and Games 4 Every1

Movies and games reviews. Nothing really special. You’ll know my opinion about some well known games and movies and I won’t care about yours :D. Hope you find something useful here.
editor: Kacper

Politically incorrect

Do you want do know what's going on around the world? Are you tired of reading and listening to the mainstream media? This section is for you! We're going to discuss current world problems, as well as social and economical issues. If you have a topic that you want me to take care of, send it to me on my e-mail adress:, or contact me on facebook. Cheers!
editor: Jakub

Dark Side of Music

Are you tired of seeing the same music genres being played on the radio over and over again? Would you like to discover something, which differs significantly and goes beyond set rules and borders? If yes, then this is the most suitable section for you. In my articles I will try my best to present the most intriguing and unusual artists. Although my biggest love is rap music, I can guarantee you that on no account will I stick only to that.
editor: Bartek

Marty's Sounds

Hi everyone! I'd like to take you on a journey with popular and also new singers and bands. Wanna know what's trending right now? There's nothing to wait for! Join our music world today :)
editor: Martyna

Sports' Freak

What is this section about? Well, that's not that hard to guess, it's about sports. Football, basketball, biathlon? There's something here for everyone.
editor: Michał